Territorial and Tourism Studies

The Territorial and Tourist Studies Research Group (GIETT), with PAI code HUM-875, was established in 2009 and its main nucleus is made up of teaching and research staff belonging to the two Geography departments of the University of Seville (Department of Physical Geography and Regional Geographic Analysis, and Department of Human Geography).
The members of the GIETT have as a common link to focus their research activity on the analysis of tourism activity from a geographical perspective, based on the interrelationships between tourism and the territory. In this sense, they have adopted as preferential lines of work the planning and management of tourist destinations, the study of the impacts of tourism on territories and societies, and the optimization of the possibilities of tourism for development at regional and local scales. .
GIETT maintains stable collaborative relationships with other scientific and academic entities, in which its members participate, including the Andalusian Institute for Research and Innovation in Tourism (IATUR), the Smart Tourism Chair of the University of Seville, or the Center of Landscape and Territory Studies of Andalusia.